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(Lita/Sailor Jupiter is the only character that I know of that looks like me...Sorta.....)

Internet name: Meeca

Nick names: at school, Monkey; in my  neighborhood, Pudding

Real Name: Not gonna tell ya!!! 

Age: Not Telln'!!! (Hint: I'm in middle school)

B. Day: Dec. 5th

Fav. color: Yellow, Black, Red, Blue, Green, & Gray

Fav. Food: Sushi & Pizza

Fav. Subject in school: Science, Art, & Gym

Least Fav. Food: Peanuts (except Peanut Butter)

Least Fav. subject in school: Social Studies & Math

Fav. Shows: Digimon, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Teen Titans, Super robot monkey team hyper

force go, Battle B Daman, Beyblade, Saint Tail, Cardcaptor Sakura & Tokyo Mew Mew, & Sailor Moon

Fav. character: Sora (Digimon 1) Tk & Kari (Digimon 2) Henry & Rika (Digimon 3) Zoe &

Kouji (Digimon 4) May & Misty (Pokemon) Tea (Yu-Gi-Oh) Alexus (Yu-Gi-Oh GX) Star-

Fire, Raven, & Terra (Teen Titans) Nova (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!) & Terry &

Grey (Battle B Daman) Pudding, Lettuce, Ringo, & Berii (Tokyo Mew Mew) Ray (Beyblade)

Meimi ;aka Saint Tail & Ruby (Saint Tail) Sakura & Melin (Cardcaptor Sakura)Lita/Sailor Jupiter,

Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, & Chibi Chibi/Sailor Chibi Chibi

Fav. Drink: Japnese Sprite & Coke

Fav. animals: Monkeys (of course!), White Tigers,  Penguins & Rodents

Least fav. animals: NONE! (unless bugs are animals...heh heh...*gives evil eyes*)Chrys:Hey! It's my job to be evil!!!

Friends: Gabby & Chrys

Fav. Manga: Digi Charat, Digimon, Saint Tail, Pokemon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Angelic Layer, Beyblade, & Megaman!!!

Fav. Anime Movies: Digimon 1-8, Pokemon (all of them), Sailor Moon (all of them), Cardcaptors 1-2, Beyblade, & Yu-Gi-Oh

Quotes I Say A Lot: "Oh cats!", "Meeko!", "What in the world are you talking about?!", "Hey!", "Surrrrre.", "Don't call me Squirt!",

"I love monkeys!", & "I like magic and mythical creatures."

Fav. Japanese Names & Words/and meanings:

1)Mika: New Moon

2)Tomo: Peaceful one

3)Hoshi: Star

4)Gin: Silver

5)Gina: Silvery

6)Rini: Little Rabbit

7)Kane: Warrior

8)Sorano: Of the sky

9)Aiko: Beloved one

10)Akako: Red

11)Cho: Butterfly

12)Haya: Light

13)Nozomi: Hope

14)Sakura:Cheery Blossom

15)Kin: Golden

16)Kiyoshi: Quiet

17)Raidon: Thunder God

18)Ringo: Red Apple

19)Ronin: Samurai without a master

20)Chika: Near


More about Me:

I'm a dark brown haired, brown eyed energetic girl.

My hobbies are drawing, working on Pudding's World,

& doing sports. I love animals, anime, manga, music, &

drawing. I hate school (who doesn't?), stuff made out of real animal fur,

& annoying boys. My friend and I fight a lot at school

(not Gabby or Chrys). I live in a house. I have a hamster named

Meeko & I have two gold fish named Cassy & Patamon. I like

mythical creatures, my favorites are: phoenix, mermaids,

& fairies. I also like reading fanfics. I like action, humor, mystery, &

I sorta like romance. My favorite kind of music is:

Rock, country, pop, hip-hop, I like all music!

That's all you need to know about me! See Ya!!!  



Fun (It doesn't mean anything I just put it here for fun):


M ika

E lk 

E asy

C razy

A nnoying


Do you wonder about this? Good!

Look at it for a minute...

Now what does it mean?



Gabby: I know what it means...You've lost you head.

Meeca: NOOO! Look at the beginning letters!!!

Gabby: Oh! M-Mika, E-Elk, E-Easy, C-Crazy, and A-Annoying! It spells MEECA!!!

Meeca: DUH!!!

Gabby: Question!

Meeca: Yeah?

Gabby: Well it's more of facts:

Mika: Don't Know what your talking about!

Elk: You do realize it's an animal.

Easy: Puff! Don't make me laugh! You are not easy I should know I'm your friend!

Crazy: Can't argue with that!


Annoying: Chrys & I would believe that's true 100%! 

Gabby: I'm done.

Meeca: I hate you.

Gabby: I know and I have my own list that has to do with your name!

Meeca: Yeah? What?

Gabby: This:


M eatball Head

E vil

E lk Weirdo

C heese Head

A nnoying Monkey Girl


Meeca: I hate you.

Gabby: I know.

Chrys: What are you two doing?

Gabby: *Points above* Read.

Chrys: *Reads above* I agree with you Gabby.

Gabby: Thank you!

Meeca: Some sister you are.